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"Clear and comprehensive and down to earth.

Straight to the core of Leadership!"

(Claire, HR Talent Manager)

"I will remember and cherish this training for the rest of my life!"

(Yannick, Team Leader)

"This training has touched me deeply in my heart!"

(Jonathan, Production Manager)


"After each training session the participants are beaming!"

"The personal approach works wonderfully and the applicability is exceptional. The training is experiential and practical, without high-sounding words or theories. You discover the essence of leadership for yourself."

(Andrew, CEO)


"I found it a warmhearted and gracious sessions."
"I notice that the coaching sessions have left a deep impression on me. They play a significant role in how I proceed with my business. […] The coachings have helped me to progress towards a new chapter in my life."
"The coaching was very intense and rich. I may be more overseeing things and keep in touch with the origin of my business, without losing myself in details or personal issues."
(Bart, CEO)
"This was without doubt the best training I have attented in my entire career: captivating and purposeful, with a striking and lasting outcome. " 
(Björgvin, General Manager Europe )
"These coaching sessions render a basic foundation to build upon. This is not a ‘here is the solution’-approach. This approach provides a fundament where you can start from to grow towards possible answers. This method, when well done, will give much more lasting results because it is not a ‘quick fix’, but a constructive whole." 
"After these sessions, I feel much more confident, and I come across as more confident, so the impression I give is unmistakably more transparent, and the employees also get a clearer picture of my expectations. That way commitments can be made and agreements can be honored. At the same time this clarity gives more freedom to the employees to organize themselves the implementation of what is needed." 
(Yvo, Innovation Manager )
"These coaching sessions were refreshing. I was always curious about the next session."
"I am not an instant believer in ‘alternative techniques’.  I am quite down to earth and I have faith in exact science. I must admit after these sessions that I am very surprised by the effect of the exercises and the response of my emotions on the exercises. Therefore I can hardly deny the impact of working with the body."
"Being aware of and listening to my body, that is what I get from these sessions primarily. And in any event also that I’ve stopped smoking. And perhaps the most valuable experience is yet to come and a seed has begun to germinate during this coaching: be honest with yourself and face emotional issues instead of escaping to the ‘upper chamber’ [the thinking mind] and rationalize everything." 
(Jef, Productions Director)
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