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Wim Vanaken CMA


His extensive international experience (over 20 years) in a wide variety of high performance environments in companies, governments and organizations, such as the police, psychiatric institutions, refuguee shelters, public and private institutions,  together with a keen understanding of human nature and interaction, form a singular base for quality craftsmanship. 


Science and expertise underpinning his work:

  • Certified Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analyst, specialized in Embodied Leadership and Natural Authority

  • Certified Psychophysical Social Competence & Resilience Trainer

  • Leading & Communicating in Crisis Certificate – Crisis Negotiation & Influencing Skills

  • Mediation in Workplace Conflict Resolution – Handling Violence & Agression

  • Group Interaction & Group Dynamics – Supervision and Intervision for High Performance through Interdependence

  • Values Management Certificate – Mastering Dynamics

  • Polyvagal Processes & Neural Exercises for Self-Regulation, Grounded Confidence and Mindful Presence

  • The Social Nervous System – Markers of Engagement

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