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The heart of these training courses is the essence of human communication:

Building Rapport, the base of human interplay (action - reaction - interaction):

How to establish professional, meaningful relationships based on trust, understanding, compatibility and synergy?

Leadership Essentials Natural Authority & Influencing

Engagement Through A Culture of Ownership & Wellbeing

Stretch Collaboration  How to work with people you don't agree with or like or trust?

Resilience@Work  Calm Confidence as a Professional Practice 

Leading in Discord  Managing Conflict & Upgrading Teamwork

Charisma & Rapport for Leaders – How to Build Trust and Compatibility

The Heart of Leadership  Avoiding the Power Paradox

Effective Communication  Ways of Relating

Feedback That Works  What feedback really is and how to use it

Influencing Skills  Reading People & Building Rapport

Conflict Management & Mediation

Handling Violence & Aggression

Negotiation Skills

Crisis Negotiation 

The training courses can be organised online, onsite or residential.

The programs are always tailor-made in co-creation.

These essential human interaction skills are the core of my training courses in various high-performance environments:

boardrooms, factory floors, team building, project management, leadership development, presence training, customer relationships,

conflict mediation, crisis communication, dealing with aggression, crisis and hostage negotiations, psychiatric institutions, security,

diplomacy, educational and penal institutions, ... at home, at work, or on the streets. 


Wim Vanaken CMA


His extensive international experience (over 22 years) in a wide variety of high performance environments in companies, governments and organisations, such as the police, psychiatric institutions, refuguee shelters, public and private institutions,  together with a keen understanding of human nature and interaction, form a singular base for quality craftsmanship. 


Science and expertise underpinning his work:

  • Certified Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analyst, specialized in Embodied Leadership and Natural Authority

  • Leadership Skills Trainer – Primal Leadership & Leading in Complexity 

  • Certified Psychophysical Social Competence & Resilience Trainer

  • Leading & Communicating in Crisis Certification – Crisis Negotiation & Influencing Skills

  • Building Rapport in Crisis & Hostage Negotiations

  • Handling Violence & Agression

  • Mediating Workplace Conflict Resolution

  • Values Management Certificate – Mastering Human Dynamics

  • Group Interaction & Group Dynamics – Supervision and Intervision for High Performance through Interdependence 

  • Polyvagal Processes & Neural Exercises for Self-Regulation, Grounded Confidence and Mindful Presence

  • The Social Nervous System – Markers of Engagement

  • Systemic Counseling & Coaching

The training programs are always:

  • HANDS-ON (down-to-earth, practical, useful, and immediately applicable ) 

  • HEADS-ON (science-based with focus on clarity, effectiveness, and results)

  • HEARTS-ON (psychological safety, trust, engagement, and personal involvement)

Educating the heart is

the critical complement

to educating the mind.

Stephen R. Covey

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