Wim Vanaken, CMA 

founder and inspirer of Be Talent – Energizing Your Purpose. 


His extensive experience – over 14 years – as an international trainer/coach in organizations, companies and for the Government, his background as a Senior Project Leader in Marketing, toghether with his creative schooling as an Actor and Director,

form a unique combination and an asset to his practice.

Quality is his trademark as a trainer/coach – inspiration his unique selling proposition.

Genuine growth and sustainable transformation constitute his ambition for success.

Authenticity and commitment shape his vision, with dedication as a key value.

With a keen understanding of human relationships and personal development,

he dares to confront and challenge to push boundaries and overcome limitations 

in a respectful way.

"The essence of authenticity is to know, accept, and remain true to one’s self."


  • Certified Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analyst - CMA (Laban Institute of Movement Studies, New York USA)

  • Embodied Leaderschip & Empowered Action (Laban Institute of Movement Studies, New York USA)

  • Advanced Training Laban/Bartenieff Movement System - Making Connections/Coping with the Environment/Total Body Integration (Laban Institute of Movement Studies, New York USA)

  • Embodied Leadership Training - Communicating under Conflict (BraveHearts Institute, Berlin D)

  • Certified Rock & Water Trainer - Psychophysical Social Competence and Resilience Training (Gadaku Institute, Schagen NL)

  • Primal Spirit - Working with Basic Emotions (Spirit of Leadership - Dirk Ghekiere & Lieve Verhelle, Toy-Viam FR)

  • Wim Hof Method Instructor Workshop - Focus, Willpower, Performance (Daniel Kluken, Bergen NL)

  • Authentic Movement Masterclass (Patrizia Pallaro, Washington DC USA)

  • Handling Violence & Aggression (Crime Control, Leuven B)

  • Somatic Experiencing Introduction (SEN - Peter Levine & Doris Rothbauer, München D)

  • Certified Values-Based Management (WaardenManagement, Rotterdam NL)

  • Group Dynamics - Intervision & Supervision - Psychodrama, Sociodrama & Drama Interaction - Character Structures (AgapeBelgium, Koolskamp B)

  • Integral Therapy - Emotional Body-Oriented Psychotherapie (AgapeBelgium, Koolskamp B)

  • Serving Leadership - Ceremonial Firekeeper - Sweatlodge Leader (AgapeBelgium, Koolskamp B)

  • Systemic Coaching - Systemic Consultancy in Organisations (DGS, Leuven B)

  • Developmental Transformations (European School for Developmental Transformations, Meerssen NL)

  • The Naked Clown - Acrobats of the Soul (Hic et Nunc, Leuven B)

  • Member of the Belgian Professional Creative Therapy Association (BVCT-ABAT)

  • International Academy for Creation & Theatre (De Kleine Academie, Brussel B)

  • Bachelor Audio-Visual Arts - Scriptwriter/Director (KHL, Hasselt B)